Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chore Checklists

There are a million and one ways to help your kids with chores.  I've tried a lot of them!
As my kids get older and their responsibilities increase- I thought it would help to have a checklist for them.  I found a few on pinterest that were for younger kids.

So at the end of this post are my "older kid" versions. (feel free to download for your personal use)

    It's hard for kids to meet our expectations if we don't make it clear to them what those expectations are in the beginning.  I help my kids with tasks that they don't totally have down yet.  It's important to know your kids and whether you can give them a list and say "have at it", or if you need to use the list and work along with them.  Either way- it's creating good habits and helping the family by not putting the burden of cleaning on one person.  Most of all, it's training them for adult life.  Who wants to be married to the guy or girl who thinks beds are magically made while you're at work or school, or that baseboards never get dirty and things that litter the floor somehow magically find their way to where they should be??

Note: There are some things on the list that don't have to be done every time- like baseboards.  But seeing them on the list creates awareness that this is something to look for when cleaning.

You'll also notice the last thing on each list is:  Double check that everything was done correctly.   IMPORTANT step in my opinion.  :)  

 Don't tell your kids where you got these lists!  LOL.