Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Claus IS REAL!!

My oldest is 9 and I just had the SANTA conversation I've been dreading .

We were watching one of our annual Santa Cartoon movies and he looks at me and says:

"Mom, there's a rumor going around that Santa isn't real.  You'd tell me if he wasn't real wouldn't you?"

GULP.  Deer in headlights look.  

breathe.... breathe..... breathe....

I say: "Connor, Lets talk about this a little later, after the movie okay?"

Connor says: " Sure !"

So needless to say...I didn't really see the rest of the movie.   My mind was going 90 to nothing on how I was going to tell him about Santa.   I mean, I knew this day would come and I knew what I would probably say.  When the day finally got here, I was more concerned with whether Connor would feel I betrayed him.  

 It turned out very well. (much better than I anticipated.)  Here's the summary.

My husband and I sat down with Connor and said we wanted to talk to him about the "rumor" he'd heard about Santa not being real.  I continued by saying that:

Santa was a real man.  He was a Christian with a very huge heart for children and helping the needy.   He was a wealthy young man and was known for his generosity.    His Name was Nicolas but over time as stories about him were told he became known as Santa Claus.   The Original St. Nicolas/Santa Claus is not living.   But "Santa Claus" is VERY real, it's just not who you thought it was.    Alot of parents really respected St. Nick and wanted to carrying on his attitude of giving and sharing and the joy that brings.   So, parents decided to be "Santa  Claus" on Christmas. 

Connor then asked- well what about the sleigh and the flying reindeer?

I said- Well, those are fiction.  When people told and retold stories a lot of things got added.  Those are some of the "magical" things that people added to the true part to make fun books, movies etc.   Do you understand how Mommy n Daddy being "Santa Claus" is about carrying on a tradition of giving and generosity and fun.

Connor, with a huge at peace smile on his face said - Yes, St. Nick had a spirit of joy and giving.  It's cool he was a Christian.

***** me breathing a sigh of relief ****

Connor was surprisingly calm and OK with all of this information.  I guess I was expecting a little disappointment or irritation that we'd tried to "pull one over" on him.  But he amazed me.  He thought it was totally cool that parents carried on spirit of "Santa Claus" for their kids.  Christmas is still magical for him.....even now that he knows exactly WHO Santa Claus is....


Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Gets Better Campaign

I wanted to highlight the IT GETS BETTER CAMPAIGN , which reaches out to Gay and Lesbian teens that are experiencing bullying.  BUT not just Gay and Lesbians- Bullying in general.
(which I also addressed in a previous post) It breaks my heart, makes me angry and brings out my soapbox... so here goes.

Watch this video-

YouTube video: Ellen Degeneres on Bullying

  Bullying is a growing problem.  Any verbal or physical intimidation- to demean, devalue, coerce or intimidate another person is bullying. It is a growing problem and one that needs to be aggressively addressed by parents with their children.  We talk about sex, drugs, drinking, texting while driving.  Bullying or Being Bullied should, in my opinion be right up there with all of those very important things.   Is it?

Parents- Don't assume that your kid is not a BULLY or that they are not being Bullied.     Have you communicated with your children that Bullying is not acceptable, it is violent behavior.  We discuss physical fighting/bullying and abuse, we need to discuss verbal bullying/abuse.  It's rampant, it starts very young.    Many people dismiss verbal bullying as "Kids will be kids".  Parents take on an attitude of  " Is someone bleeding? Then leave me alone "         The attitude that verbal hits are somehow "not as bad" as a physical  hits is widespread and very misguided.  A hit to a child's self-worth and value is devastating.

A lot of children, unfortunately learn bullying from their parents.  When you make fun of them for messing up, or make them feel bad for being clumsy, or tell them that you don't understand why they can't be like all the other kids, they spill something and you say you can't even take them in public without them embarrassing you. ..... Do you honestly think you aren't hitting them?  You are wounding them?  Your opinion of them matters to them- builds them up or tears them down-

While it is important to discuss bullying with your children, it is even more VITAL that you live out  anti-bullying in your actions.  SHOW THEM!  I'm constantly surprised at how many adults still participate in excluding a neighbor , team parent,  dance parent, small group parent or whatever activity... The whispers, the snide remarks, it's sad, it's immature, and you are teaching your kids how to treat people, because they are watching what you say and what you do.

Watch this:

You tube video: Bully Dads 

Read this:

You Just Broke Your Child- Congratulations! 

Whether you are a child, teen or adult-   
Hear this...
You deserve to be treated with respect.  
You deserve to be who you are without a physical or verbal threat being hurled in your direction.  
Your existence isn't in vain, your life is worth living-even though right now it may seem very hard.     

I pray that you will use  the resources I list in this post to help you hang on,   so you can get to the place where IT IS BETTER...
Please Live to See  IT GETS BETTER.

Do you or child know what to do if you see someone being bullied?

Do you or child know what to do if you become the target of a bully?

Please be informed- Get help-   check out the following links.

 Stop Bullying Now!

You tube- Joel Burns- Encouraging Video

Check out my other post on Bullying with Resources

It Gets Better Project

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake! Day 1 Homeschool 2010

We love cake at my house...and brownies and all that fun sweet stuff.

So when a sweet friend of mine gave me the idea for a  "first day of homeschooling lesson" that involved cake I was intrigued.

Here's my version of the Baking Lesson:

Connor (9) and Sara (6) were given the following instructions:

Today- you are to make a cake from scratch.  You may not use a cake mix.  You get to create the recipe all by yourself.  Mommy and Daddy can not help are in charge of what goes into the cake and how much of each ingredient you put in to the cake.

They were so excited to jump into their first day of school.  Sara even said- "Wow! This is going to be the best school year EVER!  We get to make cake on our first day."

So off they went..with their mixing bowls  and wooden spoons to mix their cake ingredients together.  As they were assembling their ingredients, they made comments such as:

" ooo I'm so excited to make my own cake"
"I can't wait to taste it!"
"I've never made my own cake all by myself before!"
"I want to add a "surprise" to my cake."

They were so sure their cakes would be culinary masterpieces that they had my niece Raychel write down each ingredient just in case we wanted to make it again sometime.

Here are their Recipes:

Here are their Cakes!

They were optimistic, yet  a bit skeptical to take the first bite of their creation.

I could have watched the expression on each of their faces as they took the first bite!


Um..Mom, do i have to eat anymore of this?

I don't think I want to keep this.

Then we talked about the experience-

1. It seemed like a lot of fun making the cakes but the results were bad.

2. It was fun to be in charge of what they were doing but no fun that their cakes tasted so icky.

Then- we made Brownies... with a recipe.

Connor and Sara followed the instructions to the letter with Mommy's help each step of the way.

When we put the brownies in the oven, we talked a bit about which experience they felt was more successful.  They both, without hesitation agreed that they enjoyed making the brownies even more than creating their very own cakes from scratch.

Now when the brownies came out of the oven and tasted FABULOUS!!  Well...they certainly were huge fans of following instructions

The point/moral of this lesson-

Success- takes a lot of different ingredients mixed together.  Math, Science, History etc..
Mommy n Daddy's  job is to train and equip Connor and Sara to live Successful adult lives.  The way we do that is by instructing them everyday in a variety of subjects.  Once they have all the ingredients ...and know how to use them...they will be well equipped to live happy, successful adult lives.

I wasn't quite sure at first..if this lesson would really have a ton of impact.  Until Connor explained it in his own words to his friend like this...

"I could try to do stuff all by myself and not follow instructions, but that will just mean trouble.  If I let Mom n Dad teach me how to do stuff, even stuff I don't like, I have a better shot at being a success when I grow up."

Well..there you go!

Sara says- "I don't want that icky cake...I want the yummy brownies.  I like following instructions Mom, I didn't understand it all, but I'm glad you helped me with the brownies, they are awesome!"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bow Holder Ideas

This post is for Cassidy...she was viciously attacked this morning by out of control hair bows gone wild!!   Cassidy..has shared some pretty neat organizational ideas well as food ideas...via Facebook and Food Prude.   (she's a very organized type of gal!)   But..if you have bows..multiply while you sleep.  You start out with 3 or 4 and wake with 100's covering the counters, under furniture... you're innocently eating cereal and did a hair bow get in my cereal!!  (okay...maybe I'm exaggerating a tad!)

So..I went on a Blog quest for creative BOW ORGANIZATION IDEAS.  Below I'm listing some fun options. I hope you find something that works for you.  That's right ladies..I do what I can to support those in the battle against the bows.

had this cute Idea! Along with 6 other links to some fab organizational ideas..

Below is a fun idea from

I don't have a picture for this Ballet Tutu Holder but it's worth a click for  a look-see!

Don't want to make your own or just don't have time?

Here are some links for cute options to purchase.

1. Check out ETSY . In the search box type in "Hair bow Organizer" and you'll get a list of several handmade options ...most are quite adorable and somewhat unique.  Many offer custom and personalization options.

2. Bambina Ballerina- if price is no object..these are cuteness!

3. Tutu Girl- they have a lot of cute stuff besides the hair bow holders!

4. Miss Priss

5. Nobby Neez Kids

6. Embroidery Garden

7. Zelly Belly Boutique

Best of luck as you endeavor to conquer the rapid reproduction of hair bows in your household.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Perfect Parent....Um...not here...

Although we may all hope for and maybe even dream for ...THE ANSWER (to becoming the PERFECT PARENT).      Let me put it out there..that THE ANSWER (to becoming a PERFECT PARENT) does not exist.    One cookie cutter approach just won't get the job done my opinion.

Doing what is in the best interest of your family, is unique to each family..because your family situation is different..the personality of parents, kids, career, hours, school situations, family situation... etc are all different creating a unique dynamic within your family that is unlike any other.  It's a FAMILY THUMBPRINT if you will...some things are the same... but not all things are the same..and the things that are different..creates the inability to create a step by step cookie cutter plan for THE PERFECT FAMILY.  

  There are certainly some fantastic books out there that can guide and direct us into making wise choices with and for our families.   But to take a book and follow it to the letter is many times ineffective (not always..but many times)...  There are matters of the heart that I believe across the board we all need to address...obedience, respect, manners, kindness, thoughtfulness etc....But what does that look like... it is DIFFERENT..for you than for me.....

For I am in the thick of the parenting journey...I can be an information, researchaholic.  If there's a parenting book I've probably read it...if there's a parenting idea..I've probably researched it...  But having said that...I'm certainly not a parenting expert...I don't always know what to do....sometimes I have no clue I even need to be doing something ......I do not implement everything I read, I certainly don't agree with everything I read either.  What I feel is important is to process information..and ask ourselves..How does this information apply to my family...our personalities, our lifestyle this doable, is it necessary, will it benefit my family?   While the Parent sitting next to you may get a resounding may get a maybe and another parent a big fat NO WAY!  Is one parent right and the other wrong?  I say NO WAY!  Each parent ...after examining their unique situation can answer those questions different and all be on the right path for their family...  Mom works, Mom doesn't work, home school, public or private school....These again..are not right and wrong issues ...they are individual family choices that are simply NOT a right or wrong issue. Can't say that too many times can I...that it's not a right or wrong thing..and that families needs are unique and just because it works for you or me doesn't mean it's parenting law and should work for everyone ...and if they don't do what we do then they are obviously a slacker parent.... Can I say many parenting choices are not RIGHT OR WRONG...they are sometimes merely preference...sometimes just different..not even good, better, best...just DIFFERENT...can I say all that enough??? I can't...

 This past Sunday in our church service the topic was parenting and the speakers touched on a few universally applicable topics that were  worth sharing...the speakers were:  Kym Carter of Legacy Moms and Ron Holton of RockPointe Church....(I'm totally paraphrasing what they if you want to hear their eloquently worded full here!..It's worth listening to..and what I'm posting here.isn't even CLOSE to all of what they shared.....)

         Be consistent- 
this creates security for your children.  
They know that the rules yesterday are the  rules today, tomorrow to infinite and beyond!!
That's some hard stuff to accomplish!! We get tired, annoyed, stressed, frustrated, busy ... but no one said parenting was easy...

       What we do now matters...the little things matter...and will impact our families.
       The days may be long...but the years are short! 

     Have a goal..have a vision..for what you want for your family..then get a plan in place for how to achieve those goals...

When I was a brand new parent...someone gave me this illustration regarding having a parenting/family vision...

Picture yourself and your family loaded up in the your vehicle...


ready and excited for a journey...   How did you know what to pack?    Because you knew where you were going.  You had a destination in you planned accordingly.   We put a lot of advance planning into so many things....why not plan  our family goals?

My husband and I have planned, adjusted the plan and continually evaluate and reevaluate the plan.
For us..homeschooling was  on our list of things we wanted to we discussed that this meant I would need to stay home and how that affected our finances.  Was homeschooling a big enough priority to us that we wanted to deal with whatever financial stress or strain might occur from being a one income family.  For us...we chose..yes and we are on our homeschooling journey.    But as I've stated earlier...If we would have answered NO...or Not Now...we wouldn't have been WRONG...maybe your answer to homeschooling is...Not even thanks..yuck...ewww...that's's okay...because to be a happy be a good parent and to raise your children well...there's no cookie cutter takes all raise all kinds.  :)   

It's hard to know these days...How much freedom should I let them have? I don't want a full fledged FREE RANGE kid...that makes all his own decisions...but I don't want to be a ......GASP...

Helicopter gasp ...the horror...   and listen..I've been her...I've also been less involved than maybe I should have ....  I'm trying to figure this out...and I'm making plenty of blunders along the way..... But that's okay...I'm not perfect...and I want my kids to's okay not to be perfect.  Striving for excellence in all we different than striving for a flawless perfect existence....   I can't say I know exactly what that means all of the time......I'm learning...each day...that I'm the Mom they need...flaws and wasn't an accident..or a big bang or freak of nature kind of thing...God said...Robin (and he picked Jeff for them too..lets not forget Jeff...but this is MOMMILY EVER AFTER ..hahahhaha)..Connor and Sara need you...and regardless of my fears, flaws or frustrations...I'm gonna be the best Mommy to them and continue to learn as I go what exactly that is ...for us...and try desperately to remember..that it so doesn't need to look like the mommy next door, or that sat next to me at church or that does all the amazing crafts and knows all the cool places to go .....and that's okay...for them and for's not a right and wrong kinda thing!

Okay.. ...stepping down from the podium...I'm done ...for now ...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back To School Menu/Lunch Ideas

Can't believe the summer is almost over!! Whether you are sending your kiddos to public, private school or are a homeschooler- healthy lunch ideas are always on most of our minds...spring, summer, fall and winter!

I'm going to post a series of links with great lunch and planning ideas.   (I'm a link junky..and I'm willing to let you share in my collection of links.)


okay- technically this isn't a school lunch idea...but is totally adaptable to lunch ideas! 

Feel free to leave a comment and share some of your favorite lunchbox lunch ideas!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Toilet Brushes-I'm Talkin About it!

Have you ever had a conversation about a Toilet Brush? Probably not at any length if you're like a majority of people. 

Toilet Brushes are quite possibly not only the nastiest but most ironic "cleaning tool" ever invented.  I mean sure it gets those usually "unmentionable" spots clean in your toilet but EEEEEWWWWWW!!!  Most of the toilet brushes I've seen in peoples homes sit and drain in a little nasty puddle of doo...say you rinsed it all you want..ICKY..YUCKY EWWW..whether you cleaned or Molly Maid cleaned...GROSS!!

Toilet brushes and toilet paper..
they do have the nastiest jobs ....
I'll spare any creative writing talents 
in this arena and simply let you concur 
that yes..they have nasty jobs.

There are a variety of Toilet Brushes out there....for instance

or there's

You've got choices right?!  For me,  NONE,  that's right,  I said NONE of these options will thanks..

The best invention ever....(no I was not given a sample or compensated in any way for this!)
Did you hear that...birds are chirping, grass is greener  and LOOK...toilets are cleaner!!  NO dirty nasty icky yucky toilet brushes here!  Okay..Maybe it's not the kind of Magic Wand you were dreaming of ...but it's a wand and it works and it doesn't store poo in it's bristle that you thought you rinsed out by soaking it in bleach or some other chemical something or other.


on still using a toilet brush there are rules to follow..

Toilet Brush ETIQUETTE if you will.......

And in closing I present them to you now.....Have a nice day:

Budget Boosters

Sunday, July 18, 2010

GAME ON! iTunes App Recommendations.

I posted the other day about a cool website called The iPhone Mom.   So, this post, is inspired by the fact that I've found some nice apps through her I thought I'd pay it forward and make a few recommendations here as well.

My husband and I are always looking for fun games for the kids, and for us.  Yes..we play the games too. 

Did you know you can sync all your iPods, iPod touches, iPads and iPhones to one iTunes account so you only have to purchase the applications one time.  You can have up to 5 different computers synced to the same itunes account to share the applications/music/podcasts/movies etc.

Here are a few fun game recommendations:

One game I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to is WORDS WITH FRIENDS by NEWTOYinc.

This is a social game and is basically SCRABBLE on the GO!.   You can have several games going with different people at the same time.   You get 7 play on your iphone/ipod/ipad and your friend gets a little notice on their device that's it's their turn to play.  Games can take a day/week/month.  You just play when you get a rush..  My user name is Robinwordnerd (that's right I'm a nerd and I own it!)

Another wordgame that is a single player game is Jumbline .
You get a set # of letters and have to make as as many words as possible out of each letter grouping.  (this is great practice for figuring out words when you play scrabble or Words With Friends!)

  A family friendly game -ANGRY BIRDS- (Don't let the name scare you away.) a great way to pass time in the Dr's office, carline, sports practice, or just because you want to beat the next level because you're competitive.
Now I saw this thing on the #1 App spot a long time before I actually purchased it. I purchased it because of a review I read at The iPhone Mom.  I figured okay..I'll try it out.  My husband snubbed it at first..but once he played it a little he was on board to conquer the challenge.  I've been surprised (I'm not sure why since it was on the #1 spot) at how many people are playing this game too...:)    Kids and parents alike will enjoy this game...READY, AIM, CONQUER.

Alot of the games in the iTunes store come in a LITE version. What that means is, you get to check out the game before buying the full version.  You won't get all the levels or all the features of the full version.  Most games are between 99 cents and 2 or 3  dollars...some are little more but watch for sales.

As The iPhone Mom  states on her website ..there are so many apps that can get lost in the shuffle of the thousands of apps that are available.  So I wanted to list some  games and websites that will help you sort through the overwhelming number of apps that are available.

       (these are not my children..but captured the essence of boredom so well I had to use this pic!!)

Here's a list of games my kids really like...(my kiddos are 9 and 6) and I love them because they significantly reduce"the WHINE factor" throughout our crazy days that are not always kid oriented  and fun in nature.     Yes..I realize there are other ways to entertain crafting a homemade volcano, making your own playdoh...but for days when getting your creative crafting on isn't an when you know you're going to spend a majority of your day in the car...these are lifesavers..for me and my kiddos.

This is one of those games we bought for the kids and ended up playing it ourselves too.  It's one of those unwind, don't have to think to much about it games.  My Dad...LOVES this game as well.  when they come to visit..he snatches the iPod to play games.  (now that's a FAMILY game)

Soosiz is one of the newer games we've purchased.  It somewhat reminds me of The New Super Mario Bros. game. There are several worlds to conquer and within each world there are several levels.


Chop Chop Ninja

This Jelly Car app doesn't look like much..but my kids played originally on an iPad when we were at the Apple store.  It's a really cute game...we've had it a while and they still play it a lot.

This is just a drop in the bucket! 

For more suggestions/ideas and reviews check out some of the following websites: (they should help you narrow down your choices instead of wading through the iTunes store in hopes of finding a hidden gem of an app!)

The iPhone Mom

Well..these should keep you busy for a while.  :)

I also suggest using the GENIUS feature on your iTunes account.  It makes suggestions for games and other apps you might be interested in according to the purchases you've already made.

Happy App hunting... and game playing ...and Boredom Busting. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrapbooking- Digital? Or Not? It may be easier than you think!!

I remember my first experience with scrapbooking.  I was overwhelmed by my sisters Creative Memories paper cutters, stickers and background papers.
Beautiful Albums with page protectors and memorabilia pocket holders.  Ooooo ahhhhh.  So, in an attempt to join the scrapbooking lovefest  I bought the stuff and made an album, while purchasing enough product to make 20.  I never made it past #1. (I know it's shameful! How will anyone know our story, will our kids remember their childhood...if they don't, it's all my fault because I failed to chronicle every birthday in a bedazzled photo album that would last through eternity because it was acid and lignen free!!)  AHHHHHH... Wake up from this nightmare Robin ...wake up I say...wake up!!!!!

Scrapbooking has since that time, evolved into DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING as we're talking something that interests me even more and that I actually will do!!  okay..we're on to something.  Hanging with my computer AND simultaneously chronicling our family history. I am a computer geek/nerd/techie whatever we're calling people like me these days so this...rang my bell, got my attention and had me buying Photoshop.  Woo hoo.... I was so excited.     So I get all this software, learn how to use and make some pretty cool photo albums to boot.  I'm pretty proud of myself for taking the more technical route as the paper scraps and stickers were a little too crafty for my nerdy old self.

 Scrapbooking can be as hands-on, as digital, as effortless as you want it to be.  Anything from..cutting and pasting and taping and adding bling bling to..utilizing Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, iPhoto and now... cool sites like:

So..with the FACEBOOK craze or nonsense or addiction (again...whatever term you fancy just fill in the blank there!)... Pixable is about the easiest photo album I've ever put together.  Not only could I upload photos to my album from my Facebook account but it also uploaded the Description of the Picture to the I loved that!! 

Pixable also gives you an option to add photos from your computer, flickr, Picasa and Photobucket.  You can choose a quickmix which Pixable will randomly mix all your photos into the album along with corresponding titles and you are ready to print or share with others.  Or if you want more can choose the lay out, add text and arrange the photos however you'd like on the pages.
It's a wonderful timesaver.....

Check it out! Pixable
If you're a MAC person- iphoto is amazingly easy to use for scrapbooks as really don't need anything else..unless you're like me and want to do "just a little more" than what the standard programs offer.

Here are some other digital scrapbooking sites I use or have used in the past.

great for getting ideas and for downloading digital items to use in more personalized scrapbooks for the do it yourself digital scrapper.
you have a download here..which pixable doesn't require. But the quality of the books are great and they have wonderful customer service!
Creative Memories  offers paper and digital scrapbooking options
more for do it yourself digital scrapbookers.
Kodak Gallery
ready made photo albums with some personalization options

There are TONS of websites that make digital scrapbooking easy and soooo user friendly.   Regardless of whether you consider yourself  "techsavy"  or just an "email checker"...There is a program out there for you...

A note on Scrapbooking Retreats-  Did you know that if you have an opportunity to attend a scrapbooking retreat- all you have to do is load up your laptop and go! That's right..scrapbook retreats now include digital scrapbookers as well! 

I know, in every realm of scrapbooking there are die hard enthusiasts on each end of the spectrum.  My personal thoughts are what fits your personality. If you like cutting with cool scissors and creating layers with photo tape and using stickers, go for it.  If you enjoy creating things in Photoshop, or other programs..get your creative tech on and amaze your family.  If you just simply want to upload photos...and be done...that's okay too.  The great thing is...regardless of your preference...getting the photos into albums is always a fun thing for we sit around at holidays or the grandparents visit and can see what we've been up to all year.   It's worth it..whether you spend 5 min or 5 days creating a page...I'm thinking, you'll be really glad you did it!!

By the way- I do get my "manual" scrap on at times.. I own a fun little machine called a CRICUT  this thing is AMAZING.  Yet..since I do most of our albums via digital..the Cricut at my house, is used for school projects, homemade cards (the KIDS LOVE TO USE IT) and bulletin board projects and number of other things...if you do more "cut n paste" scrapbooking it's well worth the investment!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center...Why Bother??!!!

We have been to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center several times over the past few years.   It quite simply blows the whole Zoo experience out of the water!!  (all photos in this post are from our most recent trip to Fossil hopefully you can get a true idea for the experience.)



Fossil Rim is a couple of hours South of  where I live .... so we drove a few hours (it's Located by Glen Rose, TX) spend a few hours in the car driving through the wildlife center.  Some people ask, "WHY WOULD I DO THAT? here's a little

click on thumbnails of any picture to see a larger version

It is a fun up close and personal experience with the animals.


Jeff's having a little stare down here! Actually, he put food on the window ledge to get the animals to come up to his window so we could get cool shots like this!




The tour is very laid back. Because of  the very slow pace of the drive, kiddos are not restricted by car seats and seat belts.



When you first pay for your tickets and pick up 1 bag of animal feed.   You are supposed to toss the feed out the window.  Many people (although not recommended) let the animals eat out of their hands.


It is quite entertaining to be cruising along...and have a Zebra sticks its head in your window!  Or..have a giraffe  bend down and eat from your hand.
(at one point the Zebra reached in and turned on our blinker!!)



(be sure to click on the thumbnails above...
my neice had a blast trying to get the giraffe to eat out of her hand!)

About 1/2 way through the tour...there is a LOOKOUT point...a place to go to the restroom, have a picnic or buy lunch.


And a great place for a group photo and of the beautiful scenery!!

There's a gift shop and a petting zoo as well. ( for those too timid to actually stick their hands out the window along the way.)    This is a great opportunity for kiddos to get out and run a little before you finish up the tour.

Fossil Rim is a great experience and in my opinion, a must see.   Today for our vehicle..the youngest was 6..the oldest..was over 40...and we all had a great time!




On Wednesdays, entry is discounted about $10 off.  You can also get a coupon if you have an Entertainment Book for a Free child's ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket.  It's a fun day trip..but if you're looking for a little can stay overnight on sight or go camping really close by at Dinosaur Valley.    It's just a hop skip and jump from Fossil Rim.

And you can feed the Cheetahs!


Just kidding..the Cheetah's and Rhino's are in very large enclosed areas, but you are still able to see them up close yet safe from becoming their afternoon snack.  :)




Whether you like to just hop in the car and go or prefer to load up your car with picnic food and snacks, Fossil Rim is a great day trip.  Go on a whim or plan ahead...either way, you'll have a blast.  Don't be can always role up your window if the animals make you nervous or get too close for comfort.