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GAME ON! iTunes App Recommendations.

I posted the other day about a cool website called The iPhone Mom.   So, this post, is inspired by the fact that I've found some nice apps through her I thought I'd pay it forward and make a few recommendations here as well.

My husband and I are always looking for fun games for the kids, and for us.  Yes..we play the games too. 

Did you know you can sync all your iPods, iPod touches, iPads and iPhones to one iTunes account so you only have to purchase the applications one time.  You can have up to 5 different computers synced to the same itunes account to share the applications/music/podcasts/movies etc.

Here are a few fun game recommendations:

One game I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to is WORDS WITH FRIENDS by NEWTOYinc.

This is a social game and is basically SCRABBLE on the GO!.   You can have several games going with different people at the same time.   You get 7 play on your iphone/ipod/ipad and your friend gets a little notice on their device that's it's their turn to play.  Games can take a day/week/month.  You just play when you get a rush..  My user name is Robinwordnerd (that's right I'm a nerd and I own it!)

Another wordgame that is a single player game is Jumbline .
You get a set # of letters and have to make as as many words as possible out of each letter grouping.  (this is great practice for figuring out words when you play scrabble or Words With Friends!)

  A family friendly game -ANGRY BIRDS- (Don't let the name scare you away.) a great way to pass time in the Dr's office, carline, sports practice, or just because you want to beat the next level because you're competitive.
Now I saw this thing on the #1 App spot a long time before I actually purchased it. I purchased it because of a review I read at The iPhone Mom.  I figured okay..I'll try it out.  My husband snubbed it at first..but once he played it a little he was on board to conquer the challenge.  I've been surprised (I'm not sure why since it was on the #1 spot) at how many people are playing this game too...:)    Kids and parents alike will enjoy this game...READY, AIM, CONQUER.

Alot of the games in the iTunes store come in a LITE version. What that means is, you get to check out the game before buying the full version.  You won't get all the levels or all the features of the full version.  Most games are between 99 cents and 2 or 3  dollars...some are little more but watch for sales.

As The iPhone Mom  states on her website ..there are so many apps that can get lost in the shuffle of the thousands of apps that are available.  So I wanted to list some  games and websites that will help you sort through the overwhelming number of apps that are available.

       (these are not my children..but captured the essence of boredom so well I had to use this pic!!)

Here's a list of games my kids really like...(my kiddos are 9 and 6) and I love them because they significantly reduce"the WHINE factor" throughout our crazy days that are not always kid oriented  and fun in nature.     Yes..I realize there are other ways to entertain crafting a homemade volcano, making your own playdoh...but for days when getting your creative crafting on isn't an when you know you're going to spend a majority of your day in the car...these are lifesavers..for me and my kiddos.

This is one of those games we bought for the kids and ended up playing it ourselves too.  It's one of those unwind, don't have to think to much about it games.  My Dad...LOVES this game as well.  when they come to visit..he snatches the iPod to play games.  (now that's a FAMILY game)

Soosiz is one of the newer games we've purchased.  It somewhat reminds me of The New Super Mario Bros. game. There are several worlds to conquer and within each world there are several levels.


Chop Chop Ninja

This Jelly Car app doesn't look like much..but my kids played originally on an iPad when we were at the Apple store.  It's a really cute game...we've had it a while and they still play it a lot.

This is just a drop in the bucket! 

For more suggestions/ideas and reviews check out some of the following websites: (they should help you narrow down your choices instead of wading through the iTunes store in hopes of finding a hidden gem of an app!)

The iPhone Mom

Well..these should keep you busy for a while.  :)

I also suggest using the GENIUS feature on your iTunes account.  It makes suggestions for games and other apps you might be interested in according to the purchases you've already made.

Happy App hunting... and game playing ...and Boredom Busting. 

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