Friday, July 30, 2010

Toilet Brushes-I'm Talkin About it!

Have you ever had a conversation about a Toilet Brush? Probably not at any length if you're like a majority of people. 

Toilet Brushes are quite possibly not only the nastiest but most ironic "cleaning tool" ever invented.  I mean sure it gets those usually "unmentionable" spots clean in your toilet but EEEEEWWWWWW!!!  Most of the toilet brushes I've seen in peoples homes sit and drain in a little nasty puddle of doo...say you rinsed it all you want..ICKY..YUCKY EWWW..whether you cleaned or Molly Maid cleaned...GROSS!!

Toilet brushes and toilet paper..
they do have the nastiest jobs ....
I'll spare any creative writing talents 
in this arena and simply let you concur 
that yes..they have nasty jobs.

There are a variety of Toilet Brushes out there....for instance

or there's

You've got choices right?!  For me,  NONE,  that's right,  I said NONE of these options will thanks..

The best invention ever....(no I was not given a sample or compensated in any way for this!)
Did you hear that...birds are chirping, grass is greener  and LOOK...toilets are cleaner!!  NO dirty nasty icky yucky toilet brushes here!  Okay..Maybe it's not the kind of Magic Wand you were dreaming of ...but it's a wand and it works and it doesn't store poo in it's bristle that you thought you rinsed out by soaking it in bleach or some other chemical something or other.


on still using a toilet brush there are rules to follow..

Toilet Brush ETIQUETTE if you will.......

And in closing I present them to you now.....Have a nice day:

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