Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Gets Better Campaign

I wanted to highlight the IT GETS BETTER CAMPAIGN , which reaches out to Gay and Lesbian teens that are experiencing bullying.  BUT not just Gay and Lesbians- Bullying in general.
(which I also addressed in a previous post) It breaks my heart, makes me angry and brings out my soapbox... so here goes.

Watch this video-

YouTube video: Ellen Degeneres on Bullying

  Bullying is a growing problem.  Any verbal or physical intimidation- to demean, devalue, coerce or intimidate another person is bullying. It is a growing problem and one that needs to be aggressively addressed by parents with their children.  We talk about sex, drugs, drinking, texting while driving.  Bullying or Being Bullied should, in my opinion be right up there with all of those very important things.   Is it?

Parents- Don't assume that your kid is not a BULLY or that they are not being Bullied.     Have you communicated with your children that Bullying is not acceptable, it is violent behavior.  We discuss physical fighting/bullying and abuse, we need to discuss verbal bullying/abuse.  It's rampant, it starts very young.    Many people dismiss verbal bullying as "Kids will be kids".  Parents take on an attitude of  " Is someone bleeding? Then leave me alone "         The attitude that verbal hits are somehow "not as bad" as a physical  hits is widespread and very misguided.  A hit to a child's self-worth and value is devastating.

A lot of children, unfortunately learn bullying from their parents.  When you make fun of them for messing up, or make them feel bad for being clumsy, or tell them that you don't understand why they can't be like all the other kids, they spill something and you say you can't even take them in public without them embarrassing you. ..... Do you honestly think you aren't hitting them?  You are wounding them?  Your opinion of them matters to them- builds them up or tears them down-

While it is important to discuss bullying with your children, it is even more VITAL that you live out  anti-bullying in your actions.  SHOW THEM!  I'm constantly surprised at how many adults still participate in excluding a neighbor , team parent,  dance parent, small group parent or whatever activity... The whispers, the snide remarks, it's sad, it's immature, and you are teaching your kids how to treat people, because they are watching what you say and what you do.

Watch this:

You tube video: Bully Dads 

Read this:

You Just Broke Your Child- Congratulations! 

Whether you are a child, teen or adult-   
Hear this...
You deserve to be treated with respect.  
You deserve to be who you are without a physical or verbal threat being hurled in your direction.  
Your existence isn't in vain, your life is worth living-even though right now it may seem very hard.     

I pray that you will use  the resources I list in this post to help you hang on,   so you can get to the place where IT IS BETTER...
Please Live to See  IT GETS BETTER.

Do you or child know what to do if you see someone being bullied?

Do you or child know what to do if you become the target of a bully?

Please be informed- Get help-   check out the following links.

 Stop Bullying Now!

You tube- Joel Burns- Encouraging Video

Check out my other post on Bullying with Resources

It Gets Better Project

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