Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pet Training at it's BEST!!

This is not our first rodeo with a new puppy.   Actually- this is puppy #4 for our family!   The first 2 we didn't bother with taking them to any training classes.(regret!)

#3 we had Anne from Specialty Pet Training come and do a private session.

She was AMAZING!  In just one visit we were amazed at how much we learned and how much our dog learned. 

Now with #4 - we didn't hesitate.  THE DAY we brought little 5 month old Miles home-

I emailed Anne asking when her next Puppy Kindergarten class was...  yep- that's how impressed we are with her training style.

And not just the training time- Anne is available via phone and email in between session to help as well.  You can tell by just spending 5 minutes with Anne- that she loves animals, she cares about them and she cares about you as the owner and equipping you with the tools you need to properly train your pet.   And- you will also learn from Anne that alot of the training that goes on is more about training the owners than the pets!!!  Shocked?! It's true- we unknowingly undermine our ability to reinforce proper behavior in our pets.

Want to know more?  Visit Anne's website for a training session near you.  She has classes in several locations...with her newest locations in Flower Mound and Highland Village.
If your dog is already trained and you want some fun activities- check out her agility classes.  WE haven't taken one yet- but they look like a blast and I've heard wonderful things about them.    Regardless of the age of your Dog- puppy or not- Anne's classes will benefit your dog, you and your family.

And - just in case you're wondering...I was not paid to write this...I'm simply that impressed with Anne!    

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