Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Has anyone seen my Mommy's Missing!!


There are days..I sit amazed..that I'm the Mom of 2 beautiful children...

God trusted them to me?..

.to train?

and guide them ??

into all He would have them to be.???

How about 
..a lil history...

Once upon a time...(it's a blog's not suppose to be short and sweet!)...    I  never felt I was cut from that "mommy" cloth..I was missing the Mommy GENE.  (not "missing" as in...oh I'm so sad I've lost it.... missing as in..didn't have it ...Mommy GENE is NOT Present...not was never here!)  Never dreamed about being a mom (not that I recall if I don't remember it, it didn't happen and yes that carries over into all aspect of my world if you happen to live in it!..just sayin...)  So.....  ...seeing babies didn't make me want one of my own... I absolutely ADORED (and still do)  my nieces and nephews but the whole desire for motherhood ...I got  You get the idea.

So I meet a great guy...He wants 3 kids...   .we negotiated...1 with an option for 2 if I survive and I'm not talking just physically..emotionally and the WHOLE ENCHILADA!!.  Deal is accepted...we get married.  (I are speechless at how romantically I just communicated our love story...I'll give you a moment ..............)    

.Once pregnant with #1 I proceed to read every internet article and parenting book possible... Gleaning only those portions of my reading I deemed worthy to retain and disregarding the rest. (that's just how I roll..I'll read..doesn't mean it's worthy of retention.)   This was how I  prepared for parenting, since I was missing the "Mommy DNA"...the "Mommy Dream"...the "whatever you call it!".   I found some pretty good stuff..(too bad I wasn't blogging back then...I could have totally condensed tons of information into one blogpost!..yet I digress as always...)     Baby #1...success.  Lived the overprotective Stay At Home Mom life... Well..the fact that I was having a child...pretty much sent shockwaves through my entire family...and then I go and do the Stay At Home Mom thing too...I just jumped right in to this Mommydom... vrooooom vroom we're off... ...Baby #2 a few years later....TADAH...I'm still here..oh yes I am..

So, here I am  today (see that wasn't such a long story now was it!)  as I ponder in my Kitchen about Mothers Day.... hmmm....I'm a Mom.   .... whoever says it comes naturally...well..can I just say...WHATEV! not here, not me uhuh.   But I wouldn't trade it, I've loved every minute of being a mommy....(okay except...WAIT NO...every minute!)  What a precious gift I've been given...these precious lives, that I'm responsible for helping to arrive into adulthood successfully and well equipped. .WOW have  I  seen myself more clearly...(that's actually pretty scary and funny and well usually embarrassing too.)

Mom's and Parents...regardless of whether you've dreamed about being a mom since birth, it was thrust upon you before you were ready,  or you were a late bloomer. (like moi)..whatever journey brought you to motherhood..there are some commonalities that most of us share...

  • The ability to wake out of a dead sleep because you thought you heard your child cry...
  • The value of making yourself look silly, ridiculous and downright goofy just to see someone else smile.
  • the capacity to love unconditionally(whether you did before or not)
  • the ability to remain calm in scary situations ..because it's not about us
  • the capacity to function at a higher level and with less sleep than any other time in our life...
  • the ability to see that a bad choice doesn't equal a bad person.  
  • The ability to be interested in something because it's important to the person we're listening too...(IE.  mommy look at this leaf, rock, bug, dust bunny, )
  • The importance of being consistent
  • The value of speaking the truth in love
  • The value of being a soft place to land  and a safe person to talk to about anything.

Parents don't have a corner on the market on any of these things.  But being a parent, a Mom..helped me realize, I could do more, be there more, be more vulnerable, more available not just to my children, but to all those in my life.  

Happy Mother's Day all you Mom's...(I know..I'm a bit early)....and may all that makes you a wonderful Mom...overflow into all your relationships....

Okay...gotta finish up and decide on a gift for my Mom.....

Blessings to you and yours.


  1. I was without the gene as much so that my baby was the first baby diaper I changed! Craaaazy to think about that now.

  2. I'm so glad I read this because I have often wondered if I am missing some kind of mommy gene. My husband and I are planning on trying for baby number one next summer. I am constantly afraid I just won't be a good mother. I've never been super into having children, I mean I want to, I just don't think about it all the time. It's nice to hear that you felt the same way. Great post.

  3. too! My baby's Diaper was the first one...super insane to think back on it now...

    Holly R- best's amazing how we start new chapters in our life and amaze ourselves and others as we grow and change. :)

  4. Wow, nicely put! That was a great blog. I love how you write, I was giggling because you say it like it is, that is so refreshing!
    You would like the blog 'mommydrinksbecauseyoucry' she is funny, in fact, my hubby even reads her blog now (um, he doesn't read blogs!)

    I love how you admit you had no mommy gene. My hubby never thought he would be married let alone the father of 4 and now he is talking about 1 more!!!! Yikes!

    congrats to you for staying at home, for diving in, and just 'doing' mommyhood.

    -Blessings to you, Liza

  5. Liza,
    Thanks for you comments. :) I will check out your blog recommendation as well.