Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Meal Plans

Well, I've talked about meal planning before. It is one of those things you do very well...or you just suck at it.  Some "intend" to get a meal plan together and never do. Some like the idea but have given up hope of it actually happening.  Others..well.have a spreadsheet that they update every Monday at 9:01 am for the entire  week.   For those that are a little more "challenged" with the meal planning concept I'm sharing some great sites to help you conquer this beast.

Meal plans:

Great recipe ideas!

The Pioneer Woman
I love the cooking portion of her blog. Lots of pictures..good step by step instructions.
Check out the brisket and her FAVORITE yummy.

Food Network

All Recipes

On your mark, get set,  COOK!

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  1. there's a spreadsheet for it? id like to see that!