Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homeschool Highlights

Today on the agenda was:
1. Learning how to blow a bubblegum bubble
2. Learning how to tear a worksheet out of  a workbook in one piece

Of Course we covered, Math, History, Bible,Grammar and writing as well..but those are soooooo  predictable...COME ON!  I don't  homeschool to be predictable.

My son REALLY stresses out when his worksheets are not torn out properly....IF HE's the one who's tearing it out.  You can tear his worksheet out..his friends  can tear them out and they can be torn in shreds..that's okay.. but it is a serious matter of contention if he does not tear his worksheet out flawlessly.   So..we had "How to tear our own worksheet out in one piece" training today.  I have one proud student on my hands..He is now qualified to help himself and those within his circle of influence should a worksheet need to be torn out of a book.

Sara on the other hand..REALLY wanted to blow a bubble with her bubble gum.  This child..really loves her bubble gum.  Mostly because it's pink, I think.   So, as she is nearing the age of 7, it's not enough for her anymore, to simply CHEW the gum..oh no no no... there's got to be more.  So, after math...we studied the subject of bubblegum bubbles- how to ....  Serious fun, serious learning...that's what we're all about here .......

   Who knows..maybe tomorrow we'll study How to keep an ice cream cone from dripping all over you when the temp is 105 it often is in Texas.

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