Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puppy wuppy wuppy.......

Meet the newest addition to our family- LACIE

Isn't she cute!  She's 3 months old....and I've had a few moments (my husbands had more than a few) that I thought I may have lost my mind getting a puppy.  My kids are 8 (almost 9) and 6, so getting a puppy, is almost like having another baby. (minus the 9 month pregnancy, weight gain (well..anyway), labor & delivery)  

It brings me back to when my kids were toddlers and I had to know where they were every minute or they just may be sticking my car keys into a light socket or playing with their bath toys in the toilet..because all water is fresh clean fun play water when you're a toddler.  

So the Puppy Trainer came to our house because the last time we had a puppy we didn't have an 8 and 6 year old so the nipping at the heels..and puppy nipping phase wasn't a big deal to endure.  My children, who love dogs..were a bit apprehensive around lil Lacie because she would nip quite a bit wanting to play and interact with them.   Can't have the kiddos afraid or nervous in their own
               home so  we called in the PROFESSIONALS from

        Specialty Pet Training
(Just had to give a shout out to my new fav puppy trainer!)

The lovely trainer, Anne, came to our home and wow...a other word will do...of information that we could put to use right away.   We've seen a lot of improvement since she spent time with our family and our dogs.  I loved being able to ask so many questions.  Since she came to our was a very personalized (and super convenient!) training session.    My favorite tip- (well, it's my favorite because our puppy Lacie loved it so much) was to use a Water bottle to put treats in...let the dog roll it around and work to get the treats.  Now of course they are going to crush the water bottle, so this isn't an activity you should let them do when you're not going to be around to recycle that bottle when they are finished. Anne shared with can go to a dollar store and pick up some of the bigger, heavy duty water bottles and they'll last a little longer.

  Lacie spent a lot of time working that treat slot machine....score....wrestle the bottle... Score....she was in puppy heaven...I on the other hand was able to empty and load the dishwasher without a puppy trying to climb in and pee in the dishwasher.  Woo hoo.  Successful puppy parenting day!  

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  1. Cute puppy! They are work though, aren't they? And yes, very much like toddlers. :)

    Stopping over from blogfrog. Have a terrific Saturday!