Thursday, April 1, 2010

Julie n Julia?? Robin and well..we'll see

I love to cook. (i.e. experiment with food in the kitchen resulting in extremely messy counters, floors, dishes and some usually yummy food creation.)   I was on a Rachel Ray 30 min thing for a while..about 30 minutes to be exact...loved her show on foodnetwork..thought it was so clever to toss a meal together in 30 minutes.  Then there was (and still kind of is) the Semi-homemade stint..ah yes another food network starlet..Sandra Lee.  There's a lot to be said for "dressing up" "doctoring up" storebought goods to make them "semi-homemade"'s quick it's easy it's convenient and most of the time pretty yummy.

But..for a foodie type person like me...and a country girl from Missouri such as I...I love love love love..yep that's things completely homemade...mess and all...things you need an apron for cuz it'll be messy.  I like the freshness, the challenge, the time it takes to create a nice mouthwatering juicy brisket, or bread or mashed potatoes that aren't from a box...that I peeled and boiled myself.  Guacamole that I didn't squeeze from a vacuum sealed bag,   salsa that's not from a jar.  Herbs I grew in my back yard...

I don't always have time to "create" in the kitchen..but if I had the time every day..I would...and this year..I'm being more proactive about making the time.  Why...because I watched the dvd FOOD INC...aaaahhhhh...a lil tramatizing..and then theirs Jamie's Food Revolution...I'm not much of an activist..but once you know know here we are ...getting smart about food and what's in it...

So..Mastering the Art of French Cooking..and becoming besties with Julia Child's cookbook is on my to do list...what really ...I'm looking forward to out culinary I come.

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