Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Laundry Fairy Here!

Ah isn't she special!  
Yes, I tried to say that loud enough for my children to hear. :)  For some time now, my kiddos have helped out in some aspect of our laundry process.   We're talking since the age they were learning colors...they would help me sort for as long as their attention span could handle.   One of their favorite activities..still to this getting to put the laundry in the washing machine or switching it from the washer to the dryer. (yes that's right...the fun never stops at our house!)

Everyone's LEAST favorite task (including mine) is putting laundry away!  That is where a laundry fairy would be super nice really.  But alas, it is not a reality for us.   So, due to the fact that it has always been my least favorite part of doing fold and put it up that kids have always "helped" me put clothes away in their room.  When they were looked like this...

Me-  Ok punkin lets go put laundry away in your room
they would follow me to their room and stand by me while I put it away or I would hand them something and tell them exactly where to put it.

As they got older...I would go to their room with them..and make sure they put  things in the proper place and show them HOW to put things away.  Like, not tossing the clothes I just folded into the bottom of the closet or shoving it in a drawer and calling it done!
Now that they are 6 and 8 9 ( ugh..he just turned 9..boohoo)  ...I put their laundry in their respective baskets and they are able to do it, for the most part, unsupervised.

I grew up with a laundry fairy Mom. (I love her..she's my hero)   But what I realized...when reality hit me and I was out of college and married and had no laundry fairy in my life was, it was a lot of work to do laundry even for just one person!!     (Did I say my Mom is awesome!)   

I'm not like my Mom in the laundry fairy kids clothes have never magically appeared fresh and clean in their drawers..they have, from a very early age had a hand in the process. took twice as long to do the laundry because they were "helping".  I'm hoping that by having them involved..they will be well aware, when they are on their own or married ...that it's a lot of work..and their help is needed...and that it's not really too considerate to leave all the laundry duties to one person in the family.  I hope their spouses will thank me later....

And as far as spouses go...
my husband rocks- 

He helps with laundry a lot...and keeps it going when weeks are hectic and crazy.  

As for my Mom-  thanks..for being my laundry fairy...if you miss that role in my are welcome to visit and resume those responsibilities anytime!!  heheheheh...Love you Mom....

Some of you are laundry fairies 
(don't feel bad..there is nothing wrong with it...just not my thing) 
Maybe you are a Laundry fairy because: you want it done a certain way, folded, put in drawers a specific way or you just love doing laundry etc...If it makes you happier to just do it yourself then by all means...wear your wings with pride.

I am controlling about some just not one of them, I will engage and encourage all the help I can get to make it go away quickly. :)


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