Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where does our food come from? Are you Hungry for Change? the other day...I'm sharing my thoughts with you about the importance of my children being able to have french fries and a sprite when they get a Happy Meal..(gasp..AHHH..noooo!)

But there's more to it than that...

When we eat at home, which is more often than not..we eat pretty healthy.   The whole well-balanced thing going on most of the time.   Eating out is like our...Cheat day.

I thought it might be useful for you to see the other side of the coin that is Mommily Ever After.  That would be the one who likes to know where my food comes from and whats in it was made etc. etc...
It amazes me (even me..who lets my children eat fries from fast food joints...) how little so many of us really know about what we're feeding our families.

That's can all change with the viewing of one lil ole show called...Food Inc.   watch this trailer.

I have this DVD.and actually watched in a bit of horror as the documentary unfolded.  Then to add to it..right about that time...JAMIE OLIVERS Food Revolution came on TV.  When he showed how Chicken nuggets were made..I was sick!! EWWW...

Let me know if you've watched either one of these.   What are your thoughts? Reactions?  How has or will it change how you feed your family.

Most of us...will have our "cheat" days, times whatever you want to call them. But I'm sure a vast majority of us want to present our families with well balanced meals, food, options.

I love visiting sites with great ideas for quick yet healthy snacks as well as meal idea.
Would love to hear websites or blogs that you enjoy....

A friend of mine just started a blog and has some great posts on there for snack ideas.  Check it out at
Food Prude.  Yes we're friends and no..she didn't disown me after my post on french fries.  We got quite a nice chuckle when we saw we were both posting on fast food. (Albeit hers was a much healthier post!)