Sunday, May 2, 2010

My kids Drink Sprite, Eat Fries and I let them have candy...

and I'm unapologetic about it.  This is not a "confession" as much as a statement that...Ummm....the decisions I make for my children are well...mine to make.

  Unless I am asking for nutritional advice from you or your posse..I really don't want to hear the " you all got sprite not milk?  Ohhhh and fries not apple slices??"  hmmm... Thank you random stranger for stating the obvious.  Maybe you should work on your judgemental, parenting superiority complex and manners before you put my child's nutritional well-being on your to do list.  Just a thought but hey, it's your decision right... :)

I love my children, way more than you or even my dearest friend and family members.  I personally, do not have a problem with letting them have sprite and french fries with their happy meal.  (oh my did i hear a gasp from the nutritional parenting police when I said Happy Meal?)

They eat candy too...

yes I know...chocolate chip cookie and not fruit for dessert...just gets some peoples blood boiling.    So, as I'm ripping your child's teeth out of my little girls arm at the restaurant playground,  or having to go to another restaurant all together because your child used the playplace as their personal toilet (yes..this has actually happened!)....maybe, instead of gasping at  my perceived lack of nutritional parenting could focus on your childs ability to function in public around other well fed, well rounded, well mannered children.

Just saying...


  1. *gasp*
    Actually, whew...we can go to McDonald's together then.

  2. Was this a total stranger or a 'friend'? Ouch. I'm sorry you judged Robin! You have just inspired me to write a blog to all our fellow food prudes about personal choices and judgement!

  3. Holly- LOL..whew!

    Spunky- Oh, just one of my pet peeve I'm blogging on. Usually Casual acquaintance to Random stranger.. interesting isn't it?

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    I am the mom of an almost 16 year old and an almost 21 year old. I can attest to the fact that Happy Meals are survivable! I started out as a French Fryaphobe but we have made it sans obesity and the plethora of promised cavities. As far as correcting one another, let's take heart in looking out for the best in each other instead. That is the best way to a better world.