Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cooking Style

I must my house....  FOODNETWORK is a staple in my day.    I actually LOVE the CHOPPED show where they get "surprise" ingredients and have to whip up something tasty in a short amount of time.   Exciting stuff right there! :)

Another's not in my DNA to actually FOLLOW a recipe to the letter.  I love to experiment and add/change reinvent recipes.  Thus my love for cooking challenge type shows.    I will take a PERFECTLY delicious recipe and there is something in me that has to change AT LEAST one thing...   I've tried to follow a recipe...and it is truly a gutwrenching experience for someone like myself to accomplish.

If you are a "to the letter recipe follower"..then take my word... Receiving a Recipe from me may be a stressful experience as it would go something like...

About a cup of Sourcream
About 1/2 cupish of Mayo
Frozen Corn- till you get the right consistency taste
1 tomato diced- add a bit..taste then add more if desired.
Salt, Pepper and Cumin to Taste
couple squeezes of lime juice
Few handfuls of Shredded Cheese...
1 or 2 diced jalapenos...depends on how spicy you likey
Diced Green onions- about 1/4 cup or taste.

VOILA...Yummy Dip..

Maybe I'm just too lazy to wash the measuring spoons or cups?  Maybe  it's the thrill of victory or agony of defeat?   Give me some ingredients and point me to the mixing bowl/stove/oven......but measurements just aren't my thing.

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  1. What Robin didn't say, is that her husband loves her cooking and creativity.! I start getting hungry 7 hours ahead of dinner time if I know she's cooking that night!