Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow! Your kids are young!

 I was 32 when I had my first child.  So Here I am at 40 and I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old.   Realizing that more couples than not (at least here in the little bubble of a burb I live in),  start their families in their mid to late 20's,  I'm never the youngest Mom in playgroups or classrooms etc.  This isn't an issue for me ..... EXCEPT... when people make comments like....   "WOW!  Your kids are young!"  Do you realize you're saying you think I'm old? Because NEWSFLASH...that's what you're saying!    Could you at least not GASP in surprise?  Could you ...not proceed with Comments like..."So your OLDEST  is 8 years old? I guess you got a late start?"

Now, I am blessed, I didn't deal with infertility or any medical conditions that prevented me from having Children earlier than I did.  I simply...lived a single married at 29...had my first child at 32 and am pleased with that timeline.  I MEANT to do it that way, yes that's right, I did it that way on purpose.

Just thought I'd clear that up today.
I'm sure we all feel better knowing, the timing of the birth of my children, was intentional.


  1. You are so funny Robin! I like your writing. I get the same thing when people see how many kids I have...I always get "boy you've got your hands full!" THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY! I don't receive that well...I take it as "Are you an idiot for having so many kids? How will you ever have enough time or love for all of them?" But the truth is, we planned it this way! We knew it would be a challenge for a while, but the knew a big family is what we wanted. Keith tells me not to take it in a bad way; he thinks when people say that to me in the grocery store, it could be taken as a compliment. (whatever) But the encourager he is, he has convinced me to receive those kind of random comments from strangers in a better light. So, my advice to you (because I know you didn't ask, that's just how I am) is take it as a "Wow, you're kids are young. What an awesome thing for your kids to have a mature, secure mommy! Man I wish I wasn't so young and stupid and immature!" Ok, feel better?! :)
    Have a great day friend!

  2. That always drove my sister crazy 2. She had 4 kids and homeschooled and that just seemed to dumbfound the general public at times.

    I get a great chuckle out of people thinking their opinion of my family choices needs to be verbalized TO ME..when they are complete strangers..I'm like..Really? Really? You feel you are in someway qualified to comment on this because??

    However...I must say...I am certain I've been guilty of the same thing on various instead of verbally assaulting people in public..I blog. hahahahaha

  3. Hi - Just came across your blog and had to leave a comment. I had my son at 35. So I get the wow "Your son is young" and "Shouldn't you hurry up and have more before it's too late?" I'm not very witty so I don't have any come backs except a blank stare. Maybe that works because the conversation usually dies out about then. Nice blog.