Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who Me? Opinionated? Whuh..Whuh What???

If you know me very well you know..I am not shy about sharing my opinions. Never have been, why start now right?. time goes by, I have grown a little wiser about how, who and when. I'm not going to promise too much "discretion" here in my blog..after all it is MY blog.

I learn a lot from people who disagree with me...NOT because I end up agreeing with them...but usually more so..because they help me clarify WHY I believe what I believe and gain perspective on things that I may sometimes be more close minded on...(I know..WHATEVER..I'm pretty open minded..that's what you were thinking right?)

I hope you'll check out my blog often and share input...thoughts etc...No telling what you'll get..I don't even know yet....

For those of you who are grammar nuts...I will absolutely drive you bonkers I'm sure!! I use lots of "......" instead of proper's how I roll folks. I'm off to ponder what hot topic needs to be discussed here next...hmmm...

President Obama's Address to our Children maybe? It's news..he did accomplish getting our attention. Was that the point?

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