Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grocery Glow?? Not me!!

I do not like to go grocery shopping!!! 

For the last several years, my wonderfully talented and very patient husband has pretty much owned the grocery shopping for our household.  WHEW!  Amazing!  Well, he also took it on to save more money.  To his credit, he has a done a great job.  To my credit:- I let him so he could feel the satisfication that comes from saving money.  (AND:  I would almost rather pay someone to do my grocery shopping than to do my lawn or housekeeping... (almost!)  there I said's out in the open!!)


When I grocery shop I do the following:
  1.  Make a list-which I kind of stick to when I'm at the store.
  2.  Clip coupons
  3.  Peruse ads to see which store has most of the items on my list for the best price.
  4. Procrastinate going to the store because I'm dreading it so much.
  5.  Go to one store...time is money..I don't want to be going to several different stores! Ugh. Besides I've already forgotten which store had the best prices for what was on my list.  Which store is the closest...I'll go there!!
  6. Gets home exhausted and irritated from having to do this errand.

When my husband grocery shops he does the following:
  1.  Make a list
  2.  Gets his coupons together
  3. On the list- notates which items he has coupon for with "c"
  4. Peruse ads to see which stores have the best prices on the items on his list
  5. Shops Sprouts on Wednesdays to get the benefit of both sales.
  6. On the list- marks which store he wants to purchase the item at
  7. Has specific stores at which he will purchase meat and produce for best quality and price.
  8. Takes Ads to Wal-mart buys a lot of things there and has them Price Match the grocery store Ads.
  9. Make sure unit price is better with a coupon vs another brand.
  10. Comes home with a "grocery glow" over how much he saved this time around.
Isn't my husband amazing! I think he's amazing...and I LOVE his penny pinching ways most of the time..well...sometimes.  The more he saves on groceries the more money I have for clothes and shoes...oh wait..isnt' that the whole purpose of saving on other we can buy more clothes and shoes??
Surely that's his motivation.  I guess his motivation could be ..retirement, emergency fund, college fund etc...but surely clothes and shoes is on his list too??

If you see me at the grocery store...and I look lost..I probably am.  Just give me some encouragement and tell me where to the find the milk.


  1. Wow, this has been fun reading all your blogs...definitely different from the to the point emails I see, are you trying to pull "a Melanie" or what?! hee hee hee
    Seriously, I loved reading them. I either draw thoughtful insight from them, think about things I would have not normally thought of, or just gotten a good chuckle...sometimes all 3 of those! Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Melanie my are rubbing off on me I guess! Glad you enjoyed my ramblings..and THANK YOU..for sharing. :)