Sunday, September 13, 2009

New kind of family time?

Like many other 8 year old boys in our little burb, my son really enjoys playing video games. And so it began,  several years ago,  we purchased a Nintendo Ds for him to play during flights and road trips.  Then a few years later we purchased a Wii system for our home.

Now, I've heard it preached, harped on etc.... (and that's putting it LIGHTLY).... about the perils and evils of video games and their ability to turn your brain to sheer mush.   I'm sure this  could  be the case, if abused and overused, but I would disagree for the most part, now that we have had our Wii for a while.

In our house, it's a new kind of family time.   This is not an advertisement for the Wii specifically, but it's where my experience with video gaming lies.   At first, I resisted playing the games very much because it wasn't my thing.  But after a while...I started go-kart racing with my son, daughter and husband. (usually coming in last! but hey I'm okay with that...for now)  We also bowled, golfed, played tennis, baseball..right in the comfort of our own home. Then, we decided to give the Partridge Family a run for their money and started our own Family Band via- Guitar Hero World Tour.  Sara- on the drums, Jeff on Bass, Connor on Guitar and Mommy singing off key as loud as possible.   EYE OF THE TIGER will soon be re-recorded by our family because, for some reason we think we're super good.  :)

Oh, we still play other games like Candyland, Yahtzee, Uno, Skipbo, etc etc.  But the reality is...we enjoy the electronic games just as much if not more.  And our experience has been a very interactive, hilariously fun, engaging, connecting family time.  So, if you haven't tried it...don't knock it..  if you have and it's not your thing, that's okay too.   However...I think the school of thought that video games are anti-social is inaccurate and outdated.

As with any game, electronic or not, the value comes in doing it together as a family or with friends.  So if you bought your gaming system for "the kids", maybe you should try playing it with them sometime. You might be surprised and actually have a great time with your family.

I realize everyone won't agree with me, and that's okay.  This is after all, MY opinion and perspective not to be misinterpreted as reality and law for all mankind to conform to and accept as their own.   :)


  1. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog! (Thanks to Facebook I know now!!) I'm so glad! I love blogging (sometimes to my demise!) and I absolutely love reading others' blogs.

    In response to your post above, I have mixed emotions. I resisted the plea for my husband to get an xBox for at least two years...he insisted it would give us quality family time and competition blah blah blah etc. I would just roll my eyes. Finally I gave in and stopped doubting him and we got it (actually got two consoles) and he and I ended up playing Call of Duty 4 (online, but on the same team) and it actually strengthened our relationship! It's alot of fun. Violent, but fun. My son has fallen in love with the racing games, and if I'm not consistently strict with time limits, it will consume him. It has helped him with reading though...he can read the words "Hot" and "Wheels" from a mile away! We've played several games together as a family, but I really would like to try the Wii thing. It sounds more interactive and fun!!

  2. Hey Renee! I've only been blogging for a week so you're certainly one of the first to know! hahahhaa..

    I know what you mean though about the video games..have to set healthy limits with the kiddos just like with anything else.

    We haven't done much online..and are cautiously checking that out. :)