Friday, September 18, 2009

MP3's -Come on kids-it's Storytime!

I say this with a bit of pride: both of my children love to READ and be read to!  Woohoo...score! Yeehaw!

  From the time they were little, one of our favorite things to do was curl up on the couch, the bed or hang out on the floor while we read and explore the many books in our home library.   Sara was insistent at a young age that I point at each word as I read it.  I had heard that pointing at the words as you read to your child is a great tool in helping them learn to read so I was more than happy to point away.   When they were old enough to talk about the books more, after each story we would have "discussion time".   Sometimes all this consisted of was:  "What do you remember from the story?"  And on occassion, they wouldn't remember a thing!! (from the story) But for sure, they remember the time we spent curled up together with no other distractions or obligations taking my attention.

Since they are both reading on their own now, I sometimes miss getting to read and explore certain stories with them.  However, me reading a story to them is still something we all enjoy together. (for this I am grateful, I know they may not want to do that much as time passes)

In our family, storytime isn't JUST a book with pages...many times it's an MP3!

In addition to reading on their own and me reading to them...., one of their favorite things to do is listen to audio stories...Sometimes they are following along in a book....  Other times, they listen to a story while they do Math, color a picture, clean their room (that doesn't happen often!) but you get the idea.

So in that regard, I thought I'd share a few links for free children's MP3 audio stories.   These are great to put on your Ipod/Iphone, listen to straight from the computer or put on a CD to take with you when you go on trips short or long.  Enjoy!!

There are of course a ton of websites that you may purchase mp3's and audiobooks..but free is a great place to start.

NONE OF the audios are meant to replace the joy of curling up and reading a book on your own or with your kiddos.   What a wonderful way to hear some great stories though.

I'd love to hear from you on what websites your family utilizes for great MP3 learning and storytimes!

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